If I convert, will I be accepted as Jewish?

(This article was first published in my Mixed and Matched column for the J-weekly on August 29, 2014) Dear Dawn, My fiancé is Jewish and I was raised basically Christian but not going to church. I really like his family traditions and am attracted to Judaism. I am thinking of converting, but a Jewish co-worker…

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The Jews of Color Initiative has commissioned a major research study to understand the lived experiences and perspectives of Jews of Color nationwide. Their multi-racial research team at Stanford University has created a thoughtful survey, and they want 1,000 Jews of Color to participate! “This survey is an opportunity for Jews of Color to share…

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Seeking God (a class)

You may have noticed that Jews don’t rush to discuss GOD. There are so many authentic ways to view the concept of God in Judaism. Here’s a class, taught by a rabbi, where you can get some of your questions answered… or at least discussed. During worship services, we affirm our faith in God through…

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