Shavuot: Cheesecake Holiday

(Image by Jlisska on Pixabay) Shavuot is one of those holidays that never gets the attention it deserves. It is one of the 3 pilgrimage holidays in the Torah – a really BIG deal. But to be honest there are not many practices that are connected with it. One that is so easy to embrace…

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Shakshuka Day – Yes, It’s a made up “holiday”

(Shakshuka_by_Calliopejen1 on Wikipedia) On a trip to Israel together, my dear friend Laurie, fell in love with the Israeli dish, Shakshuka. So she invented Shakshuka Day. It falls on the last Shabbat of the secular calendar year and it involved eating shakshuka, pretty easy. This year Laurie is hosting her special day after services at…

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Where do Latkes come from?

A lovely young Irish woman told her mother that she would be attending her first Hanukkah celebration and latkes would be made! Her mother said, “As I understand it, latkes have something to do with potatoes. You’ll be fine!” I’m not Irish and I’m not particularly fond of potatoes. So my latkes include parsnips and…

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