Squeeze the Juice out of Summer!

It’s August. Time to squeeze the last juice out of summer. Then take a leisurely look at fall Jewish programs and opportunities. If you don’t yet have a synagogue this is a good time to look around. You can look online to see what synagogues are near you by simply Googling “synagogues near me” or…

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Grandparents, who are they and what do they mean to us?

Isn’t it funny how we portray grandmothers and grandfathers? On one hand, I see headlines that say, Not Your Grandfather’s Shul or Not Your Grandmother’s Challah – always with the implication that the things of your grandparents are outdated, lousy, good to discard. Then, on the other hand, I see articles titled, How to Cook…

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I Found Religion, My Spouse Left It, What About Our Kids?

Dear Dawn: I’m the daughter of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother who raised me with no religion. Finding my way into Judaism has been difficult and, at times, painful. My partner, Tom, was raised Christian and is now an atheist. While he has warm feelings for his church, he no longer belongs. When discussing how…

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