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Hanukkah! Making it FUN for all

(Image: Beth Emek’s Hanukkah celebration from 2 years ago.) PLEASE Join me Monday evening, Dec. 4, for a discussion of making the most of Hanukkah – for kids, but also for adults! See details below and here. In this time of darkness – literal and metaphorical – it is up to us to bring light and comfort….

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To Tree or Not to Tree: Interfaith Families Sort Out the Holidays

What will we do about Christmas and/or Hanukkah? Each member of an interfaith family arrives with their own traditions, which may or may not be satisfying. What are your needs? Are they being met? Chances are you haven’t asked that of yourself and other family members. December, where the mega holiday, Christmas, meets the minor holiday, Hanukkah, can be…

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What About the Children?

(Image: Guinness Hamentashen for Irish Jewish kids!) What about the children? If you are in an interfaith/intercultural family then your children have family members who are not Jewish, who may follow other religions or traditions, yet these people are an important part of your child’s life. How can you recognize and honor this part of…

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