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High Holy Day Services, New York, 1911

I love the Tenement Museum. I’ve been there several times – anytime I get to New York.  I signed up for their email and have attended their online tours. Their recent email has this fascinating image of a ticket.  Here is their description of this item. This High Holiday services ticket, currently on display on…

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How Many Days is Sukkot?

Last year Cantor Linda Hirschhorn of Beth Sholom in San Leandro explained the VERY confusing issue of HOW MANY DAYS IS SUKKOT? I saved her remarks to share with you at the appropriate time. At services I was asked if Sukkot was seven or eight days and I first said eight and then immediately corrected myself…

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All Jews are One Family

(Mt. Meron by Lior Golgher • ליאור גולגר – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Last night there was a tragedy in Israel, people were killed in a terrible accident in the midst of their celebration of Lag B’omer. Rabbi Larry Milder sent this message to his congregation. I want to point out to you…

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