Jews of Color

What About the Children?

(Image: Guinness Hamentashen for Irish Jewish kids!) What about the children? If you are in an interfaith/intercultural family then your children have family members who are not Jewish, who may follow other religions or traditions, yet these people are an important part of your child’s life. How can you recognize and honor this part of…

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Programs coming in 2022

I’ve scheduled a couple of terrific classes for 2022 and want to give you a heads-up. First, we’ll look at a topic that people fear for no reason: Honoring Your Jewish Child’s Non-Jewish Heritage How will you teach your children about the “other” parent’s traditions and heritage?  Every child must know who they are, where…

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Successful Parenting Strategies for Biracial Jewish Kids

This event is online. Growing up a Jewish child of color in America’s predominately Ashkenazi Jewish world is a challenge. Join Doctors Jack and Judy Mates, a psychiatrist and an OB/GYN respectively, to explore the framework that parents can provide to support their multiracial children’s confidence in their Jewish identity. Jack and Judy put planning…

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