Past Programs

Journey to Judaism: An Art Show

Journey to Judaism An Artful Exploration of Jewish concepts, people, and places Local artist, Beth Bourland, converted to Judaism in 2020. Because she is a watercolorist she chose to document her journey not through writing, but through painting. An award winning artist, Beth sought out visual Jewish elements that illuminated her learning.  She visited the…

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We are what we eat

Do you know what is the LAST cultural practice immigrants give up?  Their native cuisine.  I remember learning that in a college history class. At the time I was living on a dorm floor that was about half Asian girls. ALL OF THEM, despite how long they or their families had been in the US…

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What About the Children?

(Image: Guinness Hamentashen for Irish Jewish kids!) What about the children? If you are in an interfaith/intercultural family then your children have family members who are not Jewish, who may follow other religions or traditions, yet these people are an important part of your child’s life. How can you recognize and honor this part of…

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