How Interfaith Marriage is Changing the American Jewish Community

One of my favorite researchers and people is Dr. Bruce Phillips. He is always ready for new and interesting research. He will be teaching a class on:
How Interfaith Marriage is Changing the American Jewish Community – But Not Necessarily in the Ways We Think/Fear

(Now I just hate the use of the word “fear”. Who the heck is afraid? And afraid of what? But enough with my tirade. Dr. Phillips with explore Jewish intermarriage using the Pew study.)  Here’s his description.

For over half a century Jewish intermarriage was understood as the next step before assimilation. Using the new Pew 2020 survey, Bruce Phillips will argue that the current discourses about Jewish intermarriage are outdated. For example, asking why Jewish intermarry is backwards. When the dynamics of intermarriage for other groups is considered along with the place of Jews in American society, that Jews marry other Jews is the exceptional finding. Instead of assimilating, the children of intermarriage are maintaining a Jewish identification, and the American Jewish population is changing dramatically as a result.

The class is on Zoom and is free.
Just us on Jan. 19 from 7 to 8:30pm.

Go here to register and receive the Zoom link.