Seeking God (a class)

You may have noticed that Jews don’t rush to discuss GOD. There are so many authentic ways to view the concept of God in Judaism. Here’s a class, taught by a rabbi, where you can get some of your questions answered… or at least discussed. During worship services, we affirm our faith in God through…

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Basic Judaism Classes Spring 2021

Exploring Judaism Winter/Spring Series 2021 An exciting series of classes taught by amazing teachers that will strengthen your Jewish knowledge no matter where you are on your Jewish journey begins January 5, 2021. Unlocking the Secrets of the Prayer Book Join Rabbi Chabon to explore the liturgy and music of the Shabbat evening and morning…

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Make the most of December

Last week I wrote to you that experiencing Christmas will not destroy your child’s Jewish identity and it won’t. Period. But that still means you have to GIVE them a Jewish identity. Going without Christmas won’t build a Jewish identity; you have to proactively teach your child that they are Jewish. So if you’re hanging…

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