The Coronavirus and Purim here in the Bay Area

(This image is from the email I got from the Marin JCC canceling their Purim Palooza. Isn’t it delightful!) The City of San Francisco has announced that due to ongoing public health concerns over COVID-19, all events at City-owned venues between March 7 and March 20 will be cancelled. This has included a number of Jewish events….

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Make Purim Your Own: Get Creative!

(Russian girls celebrating a holiday I don’t know about) I recently saw an email with the subject line, The Best Purim Kitsch You Can Buy on the Internet. I almost deleted it since all I need are more tchotchkes. Then I stopped. Purim is not one of those untouchable holy holidays that no one wants…

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Purim This Weekend!

Purim We are a few days from Erev Purim! I hope you have a costume planned and a place to go for the Purim Schpiel. Purim is one of those “different” holidays. There’s the kids’ level – a story of Queen Esther saving the Jews, and the adult level – where there’s a lot of…

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