What will you do on December 25th?

It’s the BIG one, Christmas! What will you do on December 25? I like this article’s opening which says, there’s more than one way to spend Christmas Day. For some folks Christmas Eve is the time for a big meal and presents under the tree. Then it’s a hike on Christmas Day.  For many of us it’s…

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Oh Hanukkah, Oh Christmas

Oh Hanukkah, Oh Christmas, you poor misunderstood holidays! If I could, I would educate all of America about these two surprisingly recent blockbuster holidays. If their pasts were understood it would be easier to speak of them without rousing anxiety and resentment. Let’s just keep in mind that that’s the water in which we are…

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Make the most of December

Last week I wrote to you that experiencing Christmas will not destroy your child’s Jewish identity and it won’t. Period. But that still means you have to GIVE them a Jewish identity. Going without Christmas won’t build a Jewish identity; you have to proactively teach your child that they are Jewish. So if you’re hanging…

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