Mimouna: the Post-Passover Holiday We all Deserve!

Passover ends rather tamely in much of the world, but the Moroccan, and now Israeli, Jewish community do it so well! They have the holiday of Mimouna. In a burst of returning to eating yeast leavened food and drink they have a feast. It may be too late to plan such an event this year,…

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Interfaith Couples Discussion Group? 💏 Passover! 🍽 St Patrick’s Day! 🍀

COUPLES DISCUSSION GROUP?? I want some feedback from you all. During Covid, in-person events were eliminated. Post the lockdown some folks are becoming interested in in-person programs and others would prefer a Zoom event. Zoom would allow more people to participate and I’m interested in giving it a try. I was recently asked when is…

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Making ALL the Jewish holidays more meaningful & fun!

(Image is from Please don’t spend time worrying about the non-Jewish holidays you want to get rid of. Focus on making the Jewish holidays robust! Let them fill up your family’s life with warmth, celebration, ritual and good memories. I recently read an article, How to Hanukkahize other Jewish Holidays. In it the author suggests…

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Halloween and being Jewish

Halloween is a straight up pagan and Christian holiday. How do Jews and Jewish institutions reconcile its observance? First of all, many Jews don’t feel any allure emanating from this holiday. They don’t feel that it will alter their children’s investment in Judaism, nor will it impact their identity. I completely understand this perspective. In…

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Published on October 12th, 2021

Feasting for Sukkot!

You know what they say – be careful what you wish for! Well, I asked my friend and fellow J-weekly columnist, Faith Kramer, if she had any special recipes for Sukkot. OH MY GOSH! She sent me too many to share all of them. I’ll share some here and you are free to visit her…

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