Making ALL the Jewish holidays more meaningful & fun!

(Image is from Please don’t spend time worrying about the non-Jewish holidays you want to get rid of. Focus on making the Jewish holidays robust! Let them fill up your family’s life with warmth, celebration, ritual and good memories. I recently read an article, How to Hanukkahize other Jewish Holidays. In it the author suggests…

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Halloween and being Jewish

Halloween is a straight up pagan and Christian holiday. How do Jews and Jewish institutions reconcile its observance? First of all, many Jews don’t feel any allure emanating from this holiday. They don’t feel that it will alter their children’s investment in Judaism, nor will it impact their identity. I completely understand this perspective. In…

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Published on October 12th, 2021

Feasting for Sukkot!

You know what they say – be careful what you wish for! Well, I asked my friend and fellow J-weekly columnist, Faith Kramer, if she had any special recipes for Sukkot. OH MY GOSH! She sent me too many to share all of them. I’ll share some here and you are free to visit her…

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Get Creative with your DIY Jewish decorations

Some years Sukkot falls in late October. One year when it did, Batman came to my sukkah. So today when I received an email advertisement about Halloween costumes from Michaels craft store I thought about the crossover aspect of COSTUMES. Halloween costumes are on sale now. They’ll be marked down on November first. But that…

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All Jews are One Family

(Mt. Meron by Lior Golgher • ליאור גולגר – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Last night there was a tragedy in Israel, people were killed in a terrible accident in the midst of their celebration of Lag B’omer. Rabbi Larry Milder sent this message to his congregation. I want to point out to you…

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