An Ethical Kashrut

(Image by Kim Hansen – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Keeping traditional kashrut is not for every Jew. Rabbi Larry Milder of Beth Emek in Pleasanton wrote a thoughtful email to his congregation about keeping an “ethical kashrut” and he describes his approach. I hope everyone, not just Jews, will consider how the daily…

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Online Shabbat every Friday night

Have you found a “place” to go for an online Shabbat experience? If you are not affiliated with a synagogue that is offering services online consider joining Rabbi Bridget Wynne of Jewish Gateways any Friday evening at 6pm.  I’ve visited her service. It is only about 30 minutes but provides all the blessings and a…

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Another Pandemic Passover!

A year ago I didn’t think the pandemic would last this long. I made due with a Zoom Seder and enjoyed the novelty of it. But a year later I’m not so enthused. I have heard many people say they are sick of screens.  Last April I read a fascinating article about “third quarter” of isolation when things…

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Posted in Passover
Published on March 26th, 2021

March: One year of Covid

Rabbi Avi Schulman wrote this email to his congregation, Temple Beth Torah in Fremont. (I LOVE that he included Pi Day as a “noteworthy” event in March.) Then he goes on to describe a multifaith service coming up that commemorates our completing a year of Covid 19 lockdown. This date is significant and we all…

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Posted in Community
Published on March 7th, 2021

Growing up in an interfaith family shouldn’t be a barrier to Judaism

(This opinion piece originally appeared in the J-weekly on May 20, 2016)   I’m looking forward to the “Growing Up Interfaith” conference. It’s still a bit uncomfortable to reveal that I am a so-called patrilineal Jew, but maybe it’s time for more of us to come out. I’m turning 50 this year, and it took…

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