A Smoky Sukkot

(Image from the SF Chronicle) Rabbi Chai Levy sent her congregation, Netivot Shalom, this email as we begin Sukkot and it spoke to my heart. Sukkot is my favorite holiday and I have to forgo it this year – at least in the ways I usually celebrate. There’s a Talmudic debate about the biblical mitzvah…

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Edible Sukkahs!

I LOVE Sukkot and I’ve endeared myself to many children by having edible sukkah-making as a regular part of my Sukkot parties. You can do this will a party crowd or just your own family – or even just you!     Sweet Edible Sukkah for Kids (and some grownups!) Graham crackers for the walls…

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Can we do the Holidays on our own?

I got a reality check last week, a synagogue email offered etrog and lulav kits for sale. Yup, the High Holy Days are only a month away and on their heels, Sukkot. I adore Sukkot and always have a sukkah. I love having guests in my sukkah and have introduced lots of amazing people to…

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Sukkot and Activities around the Bay

We are now midweek for Sukkot. The Bible refers to Sukkot as HaChag, THE Festival. The best, the greatest holiday. Read more about it here. Sadly, in America, it has slipped into the background and many Jews miss out on the fun. If you didn’t do much for Sukkot yet this year consider going to one…

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THE Festival: Sukkot

I love Sukkot. It is really the closest to a purely joyous holiday – along with Shabbat – in the Jewish calendar. Rabbi Larry Milder of Beth Emek in Pleasanton wrote two terrific pieces about Sukkot and I want to share them with you. Describing Sukkot’s relationship to Yom Kippur, he wrote: Philo of Alexandria asked:…

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Published on October 15th, 2019