Community Activities

Seeking God (a class)

You may have noticed that Jews don’t rush to discuss GOD. There are so many authentic ways to view the concept of God in Judaism. Here’s a class, taught by a rabbi, where you can get some of your questions answered… or at least discussed. During worship services, we affirm our faith in God through…

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Yom Kippur, Kol Nidre + virtual events

Welcome back to the weird world of Covid in America! In fact, in Jewish America, where we don’t attend services together. How are you doing? I have a few things to share and I hope to hear how your holiday is going thus far. How did Rosh Hashanah go? I was pleasantly surprised by how…

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Jewish Events from Home

Personally, I’m still trying to sort out this SIP life. I keep forgetting that all sorts of services have ceased. I can’t give my brother the birthday present of a gift certificate to his favorite masseur.  I started to! But naturally they are closed. It’s been five months; you’d think I’d have adjusted. This pandemic…

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