Community Activities

Up next, Shavuot + Jewish Summer Camp

Shavuot starts on Saturday at sundown Are you wondering, what exactly is Shavuot and what are we supposed to DO? Here’s a quickie overview. Here’s an interesting article about why Shavuot is so short on rituals, and therefore, observance. Tikkun Leyl Shavout, the practice of staying up all night to study originates with the mystics and was not…

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Shavuot: Learning with Teachers from A to Z

  I was pleased to note that the list of teachers for the East Bay Jewish Community Center Tikkun Leyl Shavuot truly does go from Adina to Zelig! These teachers range from Orthodox to Renewal to lay people to scholars and rabbis. You really should give yourself the gift of one crazy night of learning….

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Passover – How will you do it? Long or short? Traditional or modern?

Here comes Passover! The Christmas of Judaism! Unlike Christmas, Passover hasn’t been absorbed into other traditions and acquired reindeer, elves, plaid quilts, snowy sayings and more. But it has traveled to other parts of the globe and adapted to new foods and climates. Here’s a nice explanation of some of the details of a Sephardic observance of…

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