Community Activities

Introduction to Judaism class in Oakland

(Photo by Ian Chin Photography)   This is one of the LEAST expensive basic Judaism classes I’ve ever seen. If you are curious about getting a solid foundation in Judaism, start with a basic class. For this class you can contact Rabbi Mark Bloom for further information by emailing him at   Introduction to Judaism  This…

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Jewish Summer Camp

The Jewish Community Federation sent out this message: Kids spend an average of 7 hours a day on screens. How can we divert their attention from virtual life to real play, keeping them happy, motivated, and interested in the world around them? Two words: summer camp. Jewish overnight camp can be life-changing for a child….

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Activities around the Bay for November

I saw a program on the Peninsula called Jammies and Jeans (see it below). I loved the name instantly and looked it up. Then, just to be 100 percent confident that it wasn’t just for members, I emailed my contact. She was delighted and hopes that some of you will give it a try – in Palo…

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