Let’s Think About Our Children

Let’s think about babies and toddlers The first three years of life are rarely remembered by the child. But by four or five years of age memories are beginning to “stick”. You really get a long neutral period to figure out what you want to incorporate into your home life. What will you teach your…

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Baby and Me/Tinok v’ Ani

My dear friend, Karen, is again offering a Baby and Me group – one of those memorable parenting steps that help new parents to understand and adapt to the brand new world of PARENTHOOD!  Here are the details: Are you a new parent? Was your baby born between September 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024?…

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What About the Children?

(Image: Guinness Hamentashen for Irish Jewish kids!) What about the children? If you are in an interfaith/intercultural family then your children have family members who are not Jewish, who may follow other religions or traditions, yet these people are an important part of your child’s life. How can you recognize and honor this part of…

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