Family Relationships

In an interfaith family, you will be navigating holidays, how to raise the kids, where to find community, creating your family’s identity, and determining which lifecycle events you will observe. It is helpful to have a neutral party assisting you in fully hearing each other out.

Throughout the year, we occasionally offer programs to help Grandparents figure out how to relate to your son or daughter-in-law, his or her parents, and their traditions.

Grandparents are often afraid to raise subjects that are important to them. But only open and caring communication can build the relationships that we all want with our family members.

Some programs focus on the experience of Women. The French say, “Viva la difference.” We’ve found that women, whether Jewish or not, whether the wife, the mother, the sister or the girlfriend, are more interested and comfortable discussing issues of the heart. Additionally, it is women who are typically responsible for the home life. Since Judaism is a home-based religion, much of the Jewish observance falls on the female, regardless of her religious upbringing. Women enjoy these supportive discussions, sharing support, suggestions and even the occasional kvetch (complaint).