What will you do on December 25th?

It’s the BIG one, Christmas! What will you do on December 25?

I like this article’s opening which says, there’s more than one way to spend Christmas Day. For some folks Christmas Eve is the time for a big meal and presents under the tree. Then it’s a hike on Christmas Day.  For many of us it’s a wide range of possibilities.  Going out to eat – especially at an Asian restaurant – is a common choice. Luckily for East Bay residents Oakland Side offered a list of restaurants open for business on December 25.

What do we do?
For some family friends it is a hike out in nature. For one beloved Jewish niece it is watching Elf for the millionth time. There’s an old black and white film with Barbara Stanwyck, Christmas in Connecticut, which I love to watch. It has very little to do with Christmas, but it is one of those 1940’s comedies with old stars and no cell phones. This is a wonderful day to do for others – serve a Christmas meal at a homeless shelter, deliver presents to kids who won’t be getting much. It’s also a cozy day to read aloud as a family or couple. One thing I LOVE about winter is that the cold just shouts for board games. It’s not a board game but, Bananagrams is a family favorite here. Another winter favorite for me is baking. I love to make all sorts of cookies. I spend hours with my sister making them and we send them off to loved ones, or deliver to neighbors.

Tell me what you plan to do.


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