Sanity savers: Crafting and Community

(Image: Cards made by participants at workshops) Did you know that crafts like knitting, cooking and gardening act on your brain very much like meditation? It transitions you to a state of calm and creative focus. It can be a sanity saver. Can we get crafty about Jewish holidays? There are a lot of people like me…

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Israel in a time of War

“In the midst of our personal and collective grief, we are united in spirit and purpose.” My friends, I am struggling with what I can say to you. This is a terrible time. Israel is at war and has been invaded. Videos show the horror of kidnappings and killings. Each of us has our own…

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Immersive Jews of Color Post Passover Event

I have been elated to see so many Jews of color in my acquaintance committing themselves to expanding the Jewish opportunities for multiracial Jews.  My friend, Victoria, asked me to share this event.  Please note: THIS IS AN EVENT FOR JEWS OF COLOR ONLY. White people need not apply. An immersive environment is important. Please…

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Published on April 2nd, 2023