Shabbat in Person!

Last Friday I spent Shabbat with the folks at Jewish Gateways. A new friend who is a member there invited me. It was a potluck (my favorite!) so I took a loaf of homemade challah fresh from the oven. We met outside in a small private park in Oakland. Rabbi Bridget Wynne, their spiritual leader,…

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Is God Jesus?

For many people Jesus is God, but is the reverse true? Last week I needed to have a document notarized. I took it into my bank where they have a notary on staff. The young woman looked over my paperwork and told me, “For this document you have to swear an oath. I have one…

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Supporting Ukrainians During the Current Crisis

Many of us feel anxious and a strong desire to help. Here are some ideas to help through Jewish institutions. There are MANY other organizations helping as well. For monetary donations for Ukraine relief funds, here are some suggestions. Hazon Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) JCF Ukraine Emergency Fund…

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March: One year of Covid

Rabbi Avi Schulman wrote this email to his congregation, Temple Beth Torah in Fremont. (I LOVE that he included Pi Day as a “noteworthy” event in March.) Then he goes on to describe a multifaith service coming up that commemorates our completing a year of Covid 19 lockdown. This date is significant and we all…

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Published on March 7th, 2021