Can my baby have an Orthodox conversion?

(This column first appeared in the J-weekly on Feb. 10, 2021)   Dear Dawn: I was raised Reform, but am now a nonpracticing Jew married to a non-Jewish woman. We were married by my Reform rabbi and are expecting a baby. My wife has no religion and has agreed to raise the child Jewish and even…

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Another Pandemic Passover!

A year ago I didn’t think the pandemic would last this long. I made due with a Zoom Seder and enjoyed the novelty of it. But a year later I’m not so enthused. I have heard many people say they are sick of screens.  Last April I read a fascinating article about “third quarter” of isolation when things…

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Posted in Passover
Published on March 26th, 2021

March: One year of Covid

Rabbi Avi Schulman wrote this email to his congregation, Temple Beth Torah in Fremont. (I LOVE that he included Pi Day as a “noteworthy” event in March.) Then he goes on to describe a multifaith service coming up that commemorates our completing a year of Covid 19 lockdown. This date is significant and we all…

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Posted in Community
Published on March 7th, 2021

Growing up in an interfaith family shouldn’t be a barrier to Judaism

(This opinion piece originally appeared in the J-weekly on May 20, 2016)   I’m looking forward to the “Growing Up Interfaith” conference. It’s still a bit uncomfortable to reveal that I am a so-called patrilineal Jew, but maybe it’s time for more of us to come out. I’m turning 50 this year, and it took…

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