Community Seder Options for 2023

Every year I spend hours compiling the Bay Area community Seder options. This year I’m thrilled to say that the J-weekly has assembled a good start to that! See their list here. They are continuing to update their list so if YOUR synagogue is offering a Community Seder contact them! I am supplementing with the…

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Interfaith Couples Discussion Group? 💏 Passover! 🍽 St Patrick’s Day! 🍀

COUPLES DISCUSSION GROUP?? I want some feedback from you all. During Covid, in-person events were eliminated. Post the lockdown some folks are becoming interested in in-person programs and others would prefer a Zoom event. Zoom would allow more people to participate and I’m interested in giving it a try. I was recently asked when is…

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More thoughts for Purim Enjoyment

(Image from Kol Emeth‘s Purim email) Here are a few last minute ideas plus activities around the Bay Area. Is Purim a good “first” Jewish holiday for non-Jewish loved ones?  A few favorite Hamentashen recipes My Jewish Learning’s “BEST” hamantaschen recipe looks pretty much like my mother’s Sugar Cookie dough and yes, it’s darn good! Candy hamentashen More…

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Hamentashen – a few Favorite Recipes

My dear friend who is an enthusiastic baker has three favorite hamentashen cookie recipes. Since I can’t readily pick between them I tend to make all three. From my friend’s childhood friend comes: Flo Braker’s Hamantashen Dough 3 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder ½ teaspoon salt 1/4 pound margarine 1 cup sugar 1 large…

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Published on February 20th, 2023

Being “Woke”

Recently several people got into an argument on my Facebook page. The author of an article I posted described herself using the term “she/her”. One reader immediately dismissed all the author had written and complained about it. Others jumped in scolding the poster for her reaction. No one won. To be “woke” is to be…

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