True Colors with the Jewish Women’s Theatre

Humorous, revealing and inspiring stories from Jews of Color exploring identity, community and being a Jew in modern times. Let’s meet at the Jewish High School and enjoy this unique performance together. Just email me, so I know to expect you. I’m curious to see how the stories in this play similar or different…

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This Is Bay Area Jewry: a discussion & celebration

Beth Am, Lehrhaus Judaica and Building Jewish Bridges present a photo essay exhibition showcasing the range of diversity in our community. The exhibition features 23 intimate portraits of individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds and levels of religious observance — from the North and South Peninsulas, San Francisco, Oakland/Berkeley, Contra Costa, and Marin….

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Here come Passover and Easter

Passover and Easter are just a few days away! You can check out this listing from J-weekly to see all the Bay Area Seders! I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to have someone else do all the compiling! A few last minute tips Charoset can be made all sorts of ways…

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Passover Wisdom

Thank you to Rabbi Mychal Copeland and Cantor Sharon Bernstein of Sha’ar Zahav in San Francisco for these teachings about Passover. This is from the Sha’ar Zahav congregational email. The Hebrew word for Egypt, “Mitzrayim” comes from “tzar,” meaning a narrow, confined, place. A place so tight it is restricting, painful. A place so tight that we…

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Published on April 17th, 2019

Let’s Go to the Theater: The Good Book

When you say the words, “The Bible,” a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim will probably have different ideas in mind. Put them all together for The Good Book.   Berkeley Rep’s play, The Good Book explores faith, belief in God, and the acceptance of biblical scripture as divine, as opposed to scientific, historical theories of…

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism

I always advocate for MORE INFORMATION. I believe that the people I work with – you – are intelligent and know what you want. BUT you have to have enough information to make decisions. Whether you’re trying to decide how your wedding will look, how your raise children, negotiate holidays, pick one or more spiritual…

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Published on April 7th, 2019