Jewish Wisdom on the Election Process

I was touched by Rabbi Larry Milder‘s email to his congregation about this very difficult week in our country. I am sharing it with you. For those of us who are Jews, or another repressed minority, it is heartening to remember that we can and must protect the right to vote. Our strength is democracy….

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Does the perfect synagogue exist? In a word: no

This article originally appeared in the J-weekly in my Mixed and Match column on 8/8/19) Dear Dawn: I saw your response in J. to someone in the Bay Area wanting a Conservative shul where the men wear kippahs and would accept his half-Jewish children. You said nowhere would fit every demand. But surely there are many places…

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Pumpkin Churros for Halloween

Let’s Bake! My dear friend, Laurie, runs online cooking classes for kids and their families. I’ve joined her before. Since no one is going house to house for Halloween let’s all join her for an evening of making Pumpkin Churros with caramel dipping sauce! I know, decadent, but think of all the calories you aren’t…

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