Let’s Go to the Movies!

The 2018 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is up and running. You can read their entire offering here. This year Building Jewish Bridges is co-presenting two interesting films. The first is The Entertainer with Toby Jones. Here’s the description I got.   Back in the 90s, Paul Limp (Toby Jones) used to be a successful…

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Jewish Values in the Political Arena

This has been a very tough June. Scary to see our rights crumbling and our children taken. But as we approach the excitement of the Pride weekend and the peace of Shabbat several rabbis have shared thoughtful messages that I want to share with all of you. From Rabbi Gershon Albert of Beth Jacob Congregation…

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Orthodox? Atheist? Intermarried? What’s Your Job?

There is nothing so satisfying as learning a new perspective on a story you thought you understood. This week I read Maggid Jhos Singer‘s drash/teaching on the Torah portion Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32).  This is the story of Korach and his rebellion against Moses in the Wilderness.  I’ve heard it taught many times, but Jhos brought…

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