Oh Hanukkah, Oh Christmas

Oh Hanukkah, Oh Christmas, you poor misunderstood holidays! If I could, I would educate all of America about these two surprisingly recent blockbuster holidays. If their pasts were understood it would be easier to speak of them without rousing anxiety and resentment. Let’s just keep in mind that that’s the water in which we are…

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Halloween and being Jewish

Halloween is a straight up pagan and Christian holiday. How do Jews and Jewish institutions reconcile its observance? First of all, many Jews don’t feel any allure emanating from this holiday. They don’t feel that it will alter their children’s investment in Judaism, nor will it impact their identity. I completely understand this perspective. In…

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Posted in Holidays
Published on October 12th, 2021

Churros that Kids Can Make

In my Mexican and Jewish extended family we are always happy to find cross over recipes. Churros are a BIG HIT! Last year we made Baked Pumpkin Churros with my friend, Laurie, aka baker par excellence. We did it in a Zoom class. Laurie altered your typical deep fried churros to baked.  That meant that…

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Food Fights: Food Fun!

Color me stupid, I just couldn’t sort out the three FOOD sessions being taught by Professor Rachel Gross of San Francisco State University. So I sat down and sketched out the exact details. I’m posting them here on my website so I can easily refer friends and foodies to them.  Here we go! Classes on…

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Posted in Food
Published on October 7th, 2021