Circumcision Revisited

A mohel performs a circumcision during a bris (or brit milah) ceremony. (Cheskel Dovid/Wikimedia CC BY 3.0) Circumcision still a volatile topic I received the following letter sent to my Mixed and Matched column at the J-weekly. Dear Dawn: I came across your response to a Jewish mother who was upset that her daughter didn’t want to circumcise…

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What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife?

What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife? G-d Talk with Rabbis from Across the Jewish Denominations One of the most frequently asked questions of Rabbis is “What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife?” As with most Jewish beliefs, this one has many answers. Plan to attend this program and hear the panelists talk about what…

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Published on February 23rd, 2020

East Bay International Jewish Film Festival 2020

(Image from Song of Names) The East Bay International Jewish Film Festival will run from Feb. 26 to March 15. The films are divided into 8 categories (sections) so that you can jump to Historical Dramas, Family Friendly, Mysteries, Documentaries, etc. There are some hard to find, FABULOUS films! A few of my favorites are: The…

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Learning from Movies

(Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay) I’ve had people specifically tell me that they are visual learners and that reading is not easiest learning method. Luckily there are hundreds of films from which you can learn A LOT about Judaism. One site that is particularly fun is Rabbi at the Movies.  It’s a mini course just to…

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Jews of the Middle East and Africa

(Photo courtesy of JEMINA) The majority of Jews in America are from Eastern Europe. This population is called Ashkenazi or Askenazim and is the standard for “Jewish” in American movies, books, television and culture. The foods, music, history and languages that we experience as “Jewish” in America are Ashkenazi. However, the Jewish people originated in…

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