Celebrate Israel San Francisco 2020

Join the biggest celebration of Israel’s independence in the Bay Area and San Francisco! This year the featured performer will be Netta Barzilai. She won the 2018 Eurovision contest for Israel with her song, Toy. Sunday, May 3 1:00 – 5:00pm Emanu-El, 2 Lake Street, San Francisco Tickets are available here.

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Make Purim Your Own: Get Creative!

(Russian girls celebrating a holiday I don’t know about) I recently saw an email with the subject line, The Best Purim Kitsch You Can Buy on the Internet. I almost deleted it since all I need are more tchotchkes. Then I stopped. Purim is not one of those untouchable holy holidays that no one wants…

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My Tween is Resisting Having a Bat Mitzvah

(Family bat mitzvah) A letter to my Mixed and Matched Column in the J-Weekly Dear Dawn: How do I encourage a do-nothing tween to want a bat mitzvah? At 11, my daughter doesn’t want to do anything except watch YouTube all day. Complains about going to Sunday school but has fun once there. I suspect as…

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A Special Evening at the Magnes Museum

Are you familiar with the Magnes Museum in Berkeley? It is a small treasure of a museum on the UC Berkeley campus. The curator is Professor Francesco Spagnolo, a brilliant, funny Italian Jew with whom I have worked before. He is a delight. Prof. Spagnolo will be one of the speakers at an evening event…

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Circumcision Revisited

A mohel performs a circumcision during a bris (or brit milah) ceremony. (Cheskel Dovid/Wikimedia CC BY 3.0) Circumcision still a volatile topic I received the following letter sent to my Mixed and Matched column at the J-weekly. Dear Dawn: I came across your response to a Jewish mother who was upset that her daughter didn’t want to circumcise…

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What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife?

What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife? G-d Talk with Rabbis from Across the Jewish Denominations One of the most frequently asked questions of Rabbis is “What is Judaism’s Belief about the Afterlife?” As with most Jewish beliefs, this one has many answers. Plan to attend this program and hear the panelists talk about what…

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Published on February 23rd, 2020