Making the Most of Summer

What can you do to increase your enjoyment of SUMMER? Making the most of summer There are two things I propose you do this summer. The first is – spend meaningful time with your loved ones.  We have gorgeous weather, long days and lots of natural beauty.  The parks are open, the pools are open,…

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Come with me to the Movies!

Come to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival with me. We’ll see a movie and then go around the corner for pizza. Buy your tickets and meet me in line at the Roda Theater in Berkeley. Hello Goodbye France, Israel, 2008, 99 min., French In this entertaining romantic comedy, Alain (Gerard Depardieu) and Gisele (Fanny…

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Jews March for Pride

This Sunday is the Gay Pride Parade. Jews from around the bay area are all getting together to march as one Jewish community. On both sides of the bay the Jewish Federations are organizing to help people carpool, get the right BART connections and get to the Jewish location in the parade. Lots of synagogues…

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Published on June 25th, 2009

Passover for American Jews

What does Passover mean in American Jewish community? Often Jews will say, “Passover is my favorite holiday.”  Often Christians will say, “Christmas is my favorite holiday.”  These two days are pretty different – one about the exodus from Egypt and the other about the birth of Jesus.  What do we DO on these days?  Passover…

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Programs for Grandparents

A number of parent/grandparent groups have developed in the bay area.  These groups are for individuals and couples whose children have married non-Jewish partners.  That is YOUR parents.  Our parents may feel guilty – “I should have done more Jewish things at home; sent the kids to Jewish summer camp, etc. and then my child would…

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Come with me to the Movies

Join me for a humorous look at identity, conversion and finding yourself – in this case – as an ultra Orthodox Jew.  We’ll view an East Bay Premiere of: Circumcise Me! USA, 2007, 47 minutes, English “Is it hot in here, or am I the only one dressed for Poland in the 17th Century?” While…

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