Gay, Jewish and Interfaith in the Bay Area

Pride Parade in San Francisco
Pride Parade in San Francisco

About 2 percent of Americans are Jewish.  Somewhere around 10 – 15 percent are gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual.  So how easy is it to be Jewish & gay and find another gay Jew?  You do the math.  It won’t surprise you to learn that most LGBT Jews are in interfaith relationships.  There are things about being interfaith that are standard fare – what will we do about the holidays?  what will our wedding look like?  how will we raise the kids?  where will we find spiritual community?  sometimes I feel weird about how Jewish/Christian/Hindu/secular you are.

Some things are unique to LGBT interfaith relationships.  We have both suffered from prejudice, alienation and rebuff.  We may be worried about our child having a role model from the “other gender.”  Our income tends to be lower than straight couples.  One or both of us may have been rejected by our religious or cultural community.  We feel extra protective of each other and our children.

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Exploring Interfaith LGBTQ Relationships
Join us for an exploration of key issues that come up for interfaith couples: clarifying values, good communication, relationships with family and friends, finding community, and joyfully sharing each other’s traditions, holidays and religious observances. This class will be a combination of discussion, readings, and guided activities. All genders welcome.

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Published on August 19th, 2009