I’m Not Raising my Kids Jewish

I’m not raising my kids Jewish Last week I talked about the decision to raise kids Jewish. What if you decide to NOT raise your kids Jewish? How do you teach them about their Jewish heritage? Relate to Jewish relatives? Help them understand their interfaith, intercultural family? Let me put this in non-religious terms –…

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Raising Jewish Kids

Dear Interfaith Families and Friends, Last week I had the program, How I Decided to Raise My Kids Jewish. Often people who couldn’t make it to a program ask, “What was it like? What did people say?” So let me report back:This program had a panel of non-Jewish parents – one Lutheran, one Catholic and…

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Published on February 14th, 2008

Women in Interfaith Relationships

Women in Interfaith Relationships: Giving our Kids Roots & Wings Raising kids is hard. You have to be a cook, chauffeur, therapist, private secretary, doctor, and chief bottle washer. And in there you’re supposed to give your kids “roots” and “wings.” Roots: a foundation from which to spring. Wings: confidence & self knowledge. Ours is…

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Interfaith at the Movies: Bad Faith

Bad FaithFrench Film, 2006The film industry offers this synopsis: Like many cosmopolitan Parisian couples, Clara and Ishael scarcely notice that she is Jewish and he is Muslim…until Clara discovers that she’s pregnant. Suddenly baby names, circumcision and keeping Ramadan become flashpoints. Can love really conquer all? A snappy, sexy comedy. A French viewer commenting on…

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