Dear Chevreh, Rabbi Menachem Creditor shared these memories and thoughts on that Sept. 11, eight years ago.     I remember leaving class at JTS that Tuesday morning and going downstairs to move my car.  A friend was in the elevator when I got in and asked, “did you hear about the planes that flew into the World…

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Elul: a month of preparation

I love the Jewish month of Elul; we are in Elul now. Much as I hate to see the summer fade I love the renewal of communal life that comes with the fall. Now the synagogues rev up, there is the bustle to prepare for the holidays, the round up of volunteers who help with…

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How I Decided to Raise My Kids Jewish

How I Decided to Raise my Kids Jewish How do non-Jewish parents decide to raise their children as Jews? What are their concerns? Once the decision is made, how did they make it happen? Did they retain their own religion? How do they share their identity with their children? Come hear a panel of non-Jewish…

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Gay, Jewish and Interfaith in the Bay Area

About 2 percent of Americans are Jewish.  Somewhere around 10 – 15 percent are gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual.  So how easy is it to be Jewish & gay and find another gay Jew?  You do the math.  It won’t surprise you to learn that most LGBT Jews are in interfaith relationships.  There are things about…

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Posted in Couples, LGBT
Published on August 19th, 2009

Welcoming Your Jewish Baby — Whether You’re Jewish or Not

A Group for Moms and babies 0-6 months Join us for a discussion! Discussion topics include: Support for Moms with new Babies Jewish Resources for Mom, Baby and Family Getting Your Groove Back & Adjusting to the New Normal Considering Jewish Choices and Practices for your Home Date: Five sessions, groups forming now, call for…

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Basic Judaism Classes Fall 2009

I will keep a running list of all the basic Judaism classes being offered around the bay this fall.  Check back every week or so as I add more. Judaism: a Sampler This 3-session overview of the basics of Judaism is for learners, seekers, interfaith couples and anyone who is curious about what it means…

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