Terrific Grandparenting in an Interfaith Family

Your child has married someone not Jewish. You love their new spouse, but you worry. Will my grandchildren be Jewish? Will I say the wrong thing if I express my concerns and feelings? Should we invite the non-Jewish in-laws to Jewish celebrations at our home? Can we do Jewish activities with the grandchildren without over stepping our children’s boundaries? Which holidays will they celebrate and how? Join other parents and grandparents to explore how to be TERRIFIC grandparents to your intermarried child and their family.

Monday, Feb. 22
In a cozy Oakland home
Free to members of Temple Sinai; $7 for non-members.
Call Dawn if you have any questions.

I was asked if non-Jewish grandparents could attend.  YES!  I had a lovely Zoroastrian couple who shared their thoughts and heritage with the group.