Jewish community in America

What is Jewish community in America? One of the confusing things about Jewish community is the feel of it – it’s different from mainstream American community. For folks who aren’t Jewish it can seem to make sense that Jews are different – even if they can’t quite put their finger on why. But for American…

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Spring Holidays

Holidays just ahead: Lag B’Omer and Shavuot Lag B’Omer One-day suspension of the traditional mourning period during Sefirat HaOmer (“The Counting of the Omer”). On this day, a plague afflicting Rabbi Akiva’s students ceased. Also commemorates Bar Kochba’s recapture of Jerusalem from the Romans. Celebrated with picnics and nature outings. Sefirat HaOmer is a seven-week…

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Passover Mid-week

A Shmuroh matzah An update to the Haggadah Rabbi Ferenc Raj, rabbi emeritus of Beth El in Berkeley, is a Rescued Child, rescued by Raoul Wallenberg in Hungary. From him I learned the following blessing that can be added to your haggadah. You can open your front door and say it out into the world or…

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Posted in Passover
Published on April 23rd, 2008

Passover Food

Let’s begin with the non-traditional dishes. I took a cooking class with a friend on Moroccan Cooking, here in Oakland from a gal named Dara who has The Sage Table. (You can find her online at I think she might be Jewish.) When I looked at the recipes she had taught us every single…

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Participating in Jewish Life!

How can the engaged Jewish community reach out to the unaffiliated and invite them to explore Judaism? Building Jewish Bridges has a wide range of opportunities. For synagogues In February Building Jewish Bridges partnered with Project Welcome to offer Increasing the Warmth of Your Welcome, a workshop that helps synagogues enhance their websites, bulletins, membership…

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Passover – Getting ready

  The Seder Plate You can go here for an online visual of the plate and it’s parts. The First step preparing for Passover – cleaning In most cultures there is a “spring cleaning” that takes place. For Judaism, it is specifically attached to the commandment to get rid of all leavening and associated…

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