Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism

I always advocate for MORE INFORMATION. I believe that the people I work with – you – are intelligent and know what you want. BUT you have to have enough information to make decisions. Whether you’re trying to decide how your wedding will look, how your raise children, negotiate holidays, pick one or more spiritual…

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Published on April 7th, 2019

Passover – How will you do it? Long or short? Traditional or modern?

Here comes Passover! The Christmas of Judaism! Unlike Christmas, Passover hasn’t been absorbed into other traditions and acquired reindeer, elves, plaid quilts, snowy sayings and more. But it has traveled to other parts of the globe and adapted to new foods and climates. Here’s a nice explanation of some of the details of a Sephardic observance of…

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Why is it so Hard to Get an Orthodox Conversion?

I received the following letter and answered it in my column because it is such a common question. The J weekly gave it a different headline; one that didn’t really speak to the question. Individuals seeking a Jewish conversion often believe that they want an Orthodox conversion, but seldom know what that really means.  …

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