Tu Bishvat can be an enhancement to your Jewish home

Next holiday: Tu Bishvat
How perfect that our next holiday honors our natural world. Tu Bishvat begins at sundown on Wednesday, January 27. We’ll be celebrating at home this year and there are many activities that can lift our spirits and teach us about our beloved green world.

Being Proactive Tip 2*
Tu Bishvat can be considered “Tip 2” for giving your home a Jewish ambiance. This delightful holiday can be a vehicle to build a Jewish identity in ourselves and our children. Created by the mystics it is a combination of a practice of establishing the AGE of trees so that Israelites knew when to begin harvesting fruit from their trees, and a mystical look at how we are spiritually represented by those very fruits.
(*Tip 1)

But let me direct you to some experts on the subject.
An Orthodox description
Reform description

So what to do at home? This is the time of year we are supposed to prune fruit trees. If you are occupied with that, bring your kids along. Say a blessing thanking God/Nature for the trees and plants. A simple Shehecheyanu will work perfectly, learn it here.
Want to hold a Tu Bishvat Seder? Some years ago my women’s group created our own Seder and you can find it here.
How about making a Dirt Cake for your family? What could be MORE FUN! Check out the details here.
Make it fruit for dessert! Whether an apple pie, a banana smoothie or a kiwi tart, time to enjoy that glorious food, fruit.

EVENTSA few Tu Bishvat opportunities

Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest
Acknowledging Climate Change as a Central Moral Issue of our Community
The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a free, virtual and collaborative festival by and for people who want to activate Jewish values to move the needle on climate change. We believe the time has come to make climate action a central moral issue of our community, and our current moment is a unique opportunity for collaboration and engagement that might otherwise not have been possible.

The festival is free and open to all:
no experience or prior knowledge required.

Dates and times are numerous
Details and registration is here

JCC Tu B’shvat Scavenger Hunt
Go on a journey in your backyard or on your daily walk with the JCC East Bay Tu B’shvat Scavenger Hunt! Discover the world around you and take a moment to feel the wind on your face, search for animals, trees and more. Send us a photo of you or things you find for our online gallery and we will send you some seeds to grow! Email photos to candaceg@jcceastbay.org.

Dates:  January 21 – January 31
Hosted by the JCC of the East Bay

Tu Bishvat Craft Workshop
Create a handprint tree using materials you have at home. Jewish early childhood educator and mom Lisa Dvorin leads this fun crafting event. It’s a perfect way for kids to get ready for the holiday.

Date:   Tuesday, January 26
Time:   1:30pm
Registration required, go here
Hosted by Kveller