Have a dirty, good time for Tu Bishvat!

My mouth fell open when I opened this page from JewHungryTheBlog! A dirt cake! Made of chocolate and more. I remembered that I had a friend years ago who made “dirt” cakes. She put hers in a clean flowerpot and poked gummy worms under the plastic flowers she used on top. My friend made her “dirt” from Oreo cookies that she ran through the blender. I love the JewHungry’s addition of peanuts. Just reminds me that you can always vary a recipe and use what you like best. Hm, what if there were chucks of “gold” in the dirt? Big yellow peanut M&M’s anyone?

JewHungry mades a great case for making these cakes to add to your celebration of Tu Bishvat. But I bet we can all think of other occasions that could profit from a dirt cake.

So go look at the full recipe on JewHungryTheBlog and make yourself a grocery list.