Culturally Jewish

Cultural Jews “I’m culturally Jewish.” How many times have I heard this? Too many to count. What does it mean? It means different things to different people. The common thread is, “I don’t believe in God.” Let’s not even go into what “God” means; let’s jump right to what does “cultural” mean? For the non-Jewish…

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Let’s Go to the Movies!

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is in its 35 year. Building Jewish Bridges is delighted to be a co-presenter of the following films at this year’s festival. Dough Food has always represented more than sustenance in Jewish culture, and its transformative power is on display in this delightful British dramedy which unites a widowed…

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Get Your Culture on this Summer!

I’m reading a wonderful book, The Mathematician’s Shiva. Of course, it’s about Jews – but also other Russians, Poles, Americans, scientists and more. I love the underlining Jewishness of the characters and I really love that it is not about the Holocaust. There is so much more to Judaism than misery and murder. Which leads…

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