Preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah for Interfaith Families

Planning a b’nai mitzvah is stressful enough if you had one yourself, but if you weren’t raised Jewish it can be truly nerve wracking. There are the questions of how the study process works, timing, sessions, amount to be learned, how to help your child succeed. Then there’s the non-Jewish partner and extended family. How…

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Ain’t We Got Fun!

One of the best things about belonging to a community is that there are other people to create fun activities FOR you and to support the ones you create. A friend of mine is entranced with the music of Tin Pan Alley. He has become quite the expert on the musicians, politics and social upheaval…

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Make 2015 a year of activities & community

What’s up for 2015! Now looking into the coming year – I am offering a number of occasions for adults raised in interfaith homes to reflect on and share their experiences of growing up. Those memories are as different as the people who hold them and yet there are also patterns and experiences that are…

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