Musical Services

Mizmor Shir musicians
Mizmor Shir musicians

I’ve often told you to look for musical services, outdoor services, and that sort of twist on a regular synagogue service to expand your own idea of what Jewish prayer can be like and to give your non-Jewish family members another way to access Jewish liturgy.

Mizmor Shir is a good example of a Musical service. It is held every 3rd Friday at Temple Sinai, a Reform congregation in Oakland. Here’s their description:

Mizmor Shir!
Mizmor Shir! is a popular phrase found in the Book of Psalms which means ‘Sing a Song,’ and was used during ancient times to direct the Levites, the musicians in the Temple in Jerusalem. Psalm 150 lists the many instruments the Levites played in the Temple as they sang the liturgy during worship. Some of these instruments include: cymbals, harp, lyre, drums, strings and shofar.
In the spirit of the Levites and our ancient heritage, we have created our own Mizmor Shir!Shabbat service featureing guitar, mandolin, percussion, piano, clarinet and flute.
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland

How do children learn the words and tune? They listen over and over again to the same music. You can do that. Go every month for a year and see if that was new becomes familiar.