No Holiday Blues!

NO Holiday Blues! A woman told me that she used to wait eleven months for Christmas and it HAD to be all that she expected. She said she felt like “a pressure cooker.” That kind of intense need is what leads to holiday blues and worse. Now just in case things don’t go as you…

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Published on December 20th, 2007

Jewish Things to do on Christmas

There have been a few questions about what can a person do on Christmas Eve or Day if they don’t “do Christmas”? I’m going to list some community events here for you to consider. Additionally, there is time to invite other Jewish friends over for a day of games, music and good food. Jewish Music…

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Which Comes First, the Parent or the Child?

  Being an interfaith couple becomes most challenging when children arrive. What could be compromised as a couple cannot always be balanced in a child. Parents can feel torn between doing they see as best for their child and doing what they see as best for themselves and their relationship. Where to begin? Every time…

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Make Latkes this Weekend

(picture from my friend, Linda.) Last night my son got home at 11pm and asked, “Why aren’t we eating latkes?” I didn’t bother to answer that question; he’s seventeen now and says such things. But let’s face it, coming home on a weekday night and whipping up latkes is not so easy. The weekend is…

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Chanukah in Full Swing

Tuesday was the first candle and tonight will be our third. The recurring question I’ve heard is “how can we cut back on the materialism?” At this point you have the season in full swing and probably many gifts purchased and/or received. It’s still not to late to give you and yours some great memories…

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Learn by watching Jewish Movies

Learning by watching can be a lot of fun. Why not learn while watching a movie? I got my rabbinic student friend to turn away from the homework for awhile to give me a list of movies. Movies for learning about Judaism Judaism is not just a religion. It is a culture, an ethnicity, a…

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