Edible Sukkahs!

I LOVE Sukkot and I’ve endeared myself to many children by having edible sukkah-making as a regular part of my Sukkot parties. You can do this will a party crowd or just your own family – or even just you!



Sweet Edible Sukkah for Kids (and some grownups!)
Graham crackers for the walls
For the s’chach (roof)
*Pepperidge Farm Filled Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers, or other rolled cookie
Brown frosting for holding the walls together & green frosting for the roof of leaves

If you want people you can use Sour patch kids

For decorations:
candy pumpkins, hard candy fruits, Trix cereal fruit shapes or Nerds candies
I love Nitwits fruit candies because they look so real. Or these Swiss Petite candies. However, I’ve never heard of a child who rejected nuts and M&Ms for decor.


I have also had a “grown-up” version that is a healthier choice for those who don’t want to load up on sugar.

Savory Edible Sukkah
Lavash crackers, Triscuits or other square/rectangular crackers for the walls
Hummus or peanut butter for the mortar
Pretzels for the roof
Parsley for the leafy top

Decorate the interior and around your sukkah with cilantro, celery, parsley, red & green bell pepper strips.

Put out all the ingredients and gather around! Begin by “gluing” your cracker walls to the plate with frosting or other mortar.  Hold until it is steady. Lay the roof pieces across the top. Add green frosting or parsley. Decorate in and around your sukkah with candy fruits.

You can eat them immediately or keep them as a centerpiece for one of your Sukkot meals.