Jewish Summer Camp

The Jewish Community Federation sent out this message:

Kids spend an average of 7 hours a day on screens.
How can we divert their attention from virtual life to real play, keeping them happy, motivated, and interested in the world around them?
Two words: summer camp.
Jewish overnight camp can be life-changing for a child. Kids discover a love for the outdoors, develop lasting connections, and create life-long friendships.
The Bay Area Jewish Camp Collective provides you with all the information you’ll need to pick the perfect camp for your child, and lists grant and scholarship resources to make it more accessible.
No matter your child’s background, there’s a camp where they can unplug, re-charge, have fun, and explore their Jewish identity.

P.S. If your child is a first-time camper, they may be eligible for up to $1,000 through One Happy CamperApply Now


I won’t go into the tremendous importance of outdoor time for brain development in children – you can Google that – but I will point out that this is a good time to counter your child’s lack of green time. There’s even funding to help with the cost for kids who are first time campers. Please consider this opportunity.


For those of you who have gone to Jewish summer camp and loved it, please tell me about your experiences at Or if your child has loved camp, tell me about that. I love personal testimonials.