Halloween and Jews

Can Jews celebrate Halloween? I’m wondering if this question just got you hot under the collar. Just stop for a moment and check your emotions… is this a question that gets you upset? I’ve been reading about this topic online this week and there seem to be a number of people for whom this topic, Halloween and Jews, is very provocative.

Whether you are staunchly saying YES or NO I invite you to pause and ask yourself another question, Is it OK for people to hold different opinions than mine? If one person firmly believe that Halloween is just fine, it’s just an American holiday when kids have fun dressing up and eating candy, is it OK for people to not embrace it?

If I firmly believe that Halloween is a pagan holiday embraced by the Christians that has been used in the past as a time for vandals to egg the local synagogue is it OK that some people don’t share my emotional memories? Note, I didn’t say is it OK for them not to know, everyone needs to know historical facts. Is it OK for them not to be traumatized?

No matter what your decision is for YOUR family regarding Halloween please allow others to make their choice without needing to lambaste them. If you are having strong feelings, examine those feelings. Chances are there is some way in which you do not feel seen or acknowledged. Please feel free to email or call me and tell me about your feelings. No matter what they are, you deserve recognition. But you don’t get to determine the actions of others, even if you are ‘right.’