Are there “right” and “wrong” roles for interfaith parents?

Tot Shabbat at Temple Isaiah, Lafayette
Tot Shabbat at Temple Isaiah, Lafayette

Who is Right?
Last month I wrote a column for the JWeekly and shared the story of a Jewish man who was relying on his non-Jewish wife to ‘raise the kids Jewish.’ I got some very different reactions to it. Some people came down hard on the man saying he should be stepping up to the plate and doing it himself. Another person said, I too support my spouse’s desire to raise the kids Jewish but if my spouse isn’t interested enough to do it, I’m not going to. A third person said, As a non-Jewish wife and mother I want to be in charge of bringing Judaism into our home. Yes, I’ll have to learn more, but I want to have that responsibility and control.

So who is right? They all are. Each family, each couple must determine for themselves the right roles in their home. I’m here to help you figure out what is right for your family constellation. No one you will ever know is exactly like you. Much as you love your best friend, even if he or she is in a similar interfaith relationship, there are differences. Yet, no one is so utterly unique that you can’t take advantage of knowledge about common outcomes. When you and I talk, I can tell you what the most likely result is for a great variety of parenting choices and actions. You will be armed with knowledge as you decide what you want to do in YOUR family.

Don’t hesitate to call me. We can make a date to talk in person or over the phone. It is best if both of you are in this conversation, so I have conference-called people in. Give me a call; we’ll work it out.