Purim shpiels everywhere!

Homemade Bollywood costume

Purim is coming! Along with it comes the commandment to Be Happy, Have Fun and Get Drunk! OK, you don’t actually have to get drunk but you are supposed to really whoop it up. Every synagogue is holding a Purim Shpiel – that is telling the Purim story. Many synagogues pick a musical theme and tell the story to the tunes of their theme. Themes from past years include: Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and the Muppets.

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Here are answers to 8 common Purim questions.

It is part of the fun to dress up in costumes. Cross dressing is encouraged because you should be unrecognizable. Sometimes a wig and a mask is enough to baffle your friends. This is a great time to pull out those Halloween costumes for the kids; why not get another use out of them? Spiderman pjs are just fine too.

Here’s a link to some fast & easy homemade costumes.

Be Happy! It’s Adar (the Jewish month),


Purim at Netivot Shalom