Becky Nurse of Salem: A theater discussion

Time to relax, socialize and stimulate our brains all at the same time. Join me with Rabbi Chester to discuss the current Berkeley Rep play, Becky Nurse of Salem. You can see the play before or after the play; it’s up to you. Some folks don’t want any spoilers, others want to walk in looking for elements to appear on stage. Life is crazy, but did you ever think of employing a witch?

Let’s go to the Theater: Becky Nurse of Salem
Berkeley Rep described our play in these words, “Becky Nurse of Salem speaks to the trials and triumphs of women today — and is also a comedic, warmhearted story about trying to do the right thing in a chaotic world.”

It’s not entirely comic, but it is chaotic as present and past collide.  Jewishly thinking, is a descendant of a witch also a witch? What about a tailor (Snyder), a shoemaker (Shuster), a miller (Milman), etc? How does our past influence our present both personally and genetically, as individuals and as a people.  How do we know what the “right thing” to do is? Does Judaism offer us any guidance? Finally, how is witchcraft viewed in Judaism?  Minus a devil, is it just magic?

Join Rabbi Chester for a stimulating discussion!

Thursday, January 16
Time:   7:30 to 9:00pm
Place:   Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland
A $5 donation would be welcome, but not required.
To RSVP just email