Museum Trip to the Legion of Honor

A little reminder: do join us for this FUN activity!

Islam and the Classical Heritage
From the legendary life and exploits of Alexander the Great (known as Iskandar in the Islamic tradition) to the insights of Islamic mathematicians who first introduced the concept of algebra (al-jabr), this exhibition brings a larger awareness of how authors, philosophers, and scientists of the Islamic world spread and transformed classical knowledge through the medium of illustrated manuscripts. Representing heroes such as Alexander and other historic notables, including Aristotle and Ptolemy, the exhibition features works created in Iran, India, Turkey, Spain, and Italy from the fourteenth through the nineteenth centuries. The manuscripts in this exhibition are drawn from the National Library of Israel’s special collection.
Runs through January 27, 2019

If you plan to meet me please let me know to look for you. I’ll meet folks in the lobby where you buy your ticket. Email me at so I’ll know to expect you.

Date:   Sunday, January 13
Time:   9:30am
Place:   Legion of Honor, 100 34th Ave, San Francisco
Cost:    $15 admission to the Legion of Honor
Details here 

An article about the exhibit from the J weekly.