Just for Fun – Imaginary Jewish Summer Holidays

I’ve told you before that Judaism is old, very, very old. The Jewish calendar still functions as though we are all heading out to tend the herds and the crops each summer. But a couple of writers have come up with some new (humorous) Jewish summer holidays. Here’s one for all of us with kids.

Yom Lo Kinder (Day of No Children)
This freedom festival is celebrated mainly by parents of children ages 6 to 16 on the day they drop the kids off at summer camp. While the children’s holiday attire is informal, minhag, or Jewish custom, says that every article of clothing must be labeled with the name of the child. The most common prayers include the “Don’t get sick so I have to come and fetch you” and the “Stop being homesick; you’re not missing anything.” There is no special siddur; prayers are spontaneous. Emotions run high as parents are relieved, guilty, happy and sad to entrust their precious offspring into the care of inexperienced counselors. When the parents return home to an empty house, the ritual four cups of wine (good stuff, not Manischewitz) are often part of their celebratory meal.

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Published on June 24th, 2013