Some last minute New Year Tips

(photo of my friend, Martha S’s celebratory round challahs)

The year 5784 will begin at sundown on September 15.  I’m not ready. But since it will come anyway, here are some tips.

S’lichot – S’lichot will be tomorrow night, September 9 at sundown.
A Reflection
The prayers of S’lichot

Getting ready
Let’s Eat!

 I’ve fallen in love with the mission of Deborah, a food artist who has a website NoshArtFun, and offers fabulous ways to blend food and art for Jewish holidays. This year she’s come up with Shofar Cookies!  I can’t wait to make some. I bet you’ll come up with shortcuts! Have a look at these clever little cookies.

I love new recipes so I downloaded this free digital cookbook with 15 One Pot Recipes forRosh Hashanah.

A Wider Bridge offered a workshop with a lesbian, Israeli, Mizrahi chef, A Mizrahi Rosh Hashanah Cooking Class with Chef Ayelet Latovitch, on cooking for Rosh Hashanah. Check out her multicolored food!

Sunken Apple Tart– A dessert from one of my past workshops, ‘Cooking for Rosh Hashanah Whether You’re Jewish or Not.’

Bird Rolls for Rosh Hashanah – It isn’t just kids who love food traditions. This is one I adopted because it appealed to me.


For Mixed Race Families (like mine) The Jews of Color Initiative has this terrific resources sheet for High Holy Day events and good reads.

A Meditative Moment: Psalm 27 It is traditional to read psalm 27 morning and evening during the month preceding Rosh Hashanah. This is my favorite psalm; it has been since I was 17. I studied it with two rabbis from different Jewish movements in August. They had very different elements that sprang from the text. How very Jewish. Go ahead and read this interpretation and then come up with your own.

Going to High Holiday Services
Erev Rosh Hashanah arrives the evening of Sept. 15 and we begin the Jewish year of 5784.

Where to go – if you don’t yet have a synagogue check out the list that The J-weekly has published of free and low cost services around the bay. Bless them! Look here.
Rosh Hashanah 101

Some questions answered

Why do the Jewish holidays slide around? A little about Jewish time.

Who is the rabbi who blessed her non-Jewish members? A Rosh Hashanah blessing for the non-Jewish loved ones in the congregation

 Are the High Holy Days a good time to introduce my non-Jewish boyfriend to Jewish services?