Not going to make it to Yom Kippur?

Rabbi Judah Dardik has a clever idea, how about a one hour dip-your-toe into Yom Kippur? He calls it The Greatest Hits of Yom Kippur and here’s how it works.

Come to Beth Jacob on Park Blvd. at 8am on Saturday morning. Rabbi Dardik will cover the “greatest hits” that is the high points of Yom Kippur. You’re out of there by 9am and off to have Saturday however you want it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fasting, you can even bring your cup of coffee if you need it (yes, he told me that directly). Get your quick fix of Judaism and off you go!
That’s 8am to 9am on Saturday, Sept. 18, at Beth Jacob, 3778 Park Blvd., Oakland. If you need more details call Kathy at 510-482-2374.

Rabbi Judah Dardik