Seeking God (a class)

You may have noticed that Jews don’t rush to discuss GOD. There are so many authentic ways to view the concept of God in Judaism. Here’s a class, taught by a rabbi, where you can get some of your questions answered… or at least discussed.

During worship services, we affirm our faith in God through time-honored prayers. Yet Judaism is a religion that encourages us to fearlessly challenge our inherited faith and to find our own meaning in the universe. Do you believe in God as Creator of the universe, rewarding good and punishing those who are wicked? Do you wonder whether God heals the sick?  Are there times you feel close to God and other times distant? On these three consecutive Tuesday nights we will engage virtually in exploring our faith.

The course is open for any adult to attend, and there is no fee.

Tuesdays January 12, 19 and 26 at 7:30pm
Sponsored by Temple Beth Torah, Fremont
Taught by Rabbi Shulman
Free, details here