Spicy Jews: Jewish Food around the World

Where ever Jews have lived they have adapted and adopted the local foods and flavors. Over and over again I see my interfaith couples creating blended cuisines as they merge the foods from both cultures in the marriage.  Come explore more spices, more flavors! Adapt them to your own kitchen.

I have discussed these merged and modified recipes with Faith Kramer, author of 52 Shabbats, and she will be sharing her foodie wisdom with us.

Spicy Jews: Jews and the Spice Trade + Hands on Spice Mix Making
Jews dispersed around the globe and encountered a myriad of cuisines and their spices. Locally available foods and those that traveled the ancient trade routes influenced what became “Jewish food”.

Join food columnist, author, and recipe developer, Faith Kramer, to explore this spicy journey and test some spice mixtures that became a part of Jewish food.

Each participant will take home three spice mixes for recipe development in their own kitchen.

Date: June 23
Time: 7 to 8:30pm
Place: Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit St., Oakland
This program is free but you much register to attend. Email me, Dawn, at dawn@buildingjewishbridges.org to sign up for the class.
Masks are required.


(Image is of roasted corn taken by Clara Rice, the book’s illustrator.)