Asian Jewish Passover Seders

The Lunar Collective is a rather new organization for Asian Jews. Their mission is to “cultivate connection, belonging and visibility for Asian American Jews through intersectional community programming and authentic digital storytelling.” I feel rather mother hen-ish about them as I’ve watched the central figures angst and then act to create the space they need.

I was sent this message to share:

BAY AREA – Join us Saturday, April 8th, in Santa Clara for our annual Asian Jewish Passover Seder!

This year’s theme is DANCING IN-BETWEEN, a joyful celebration of being both Asian and Jewish that is wrapped up in some powerful Passover rituals. Once again, we will be guided by our own community-created LUNAR Haggadah, weaving together millennia-old Jewish tradition with contemporary, heartfelt interpretations and discussions from an Asian Jewish perspective. This event is open to Asian American Jews, and their +1 guests. We can’t wait to see you there!

There will also be Seders in Los Angeles and New York. Learn about them here.

If you are part of the huge Asian Jewish population I urge you to sign up for their mailing list.